2019 SEO Predictions

2019 SEO Predictions

It’s a new year and that means making changes. Looking back at 2018 can give SEOs some insight on what to expect in 2019. The following are four SEO predictions for the new year.

1. Search Engines Will Become Smarter

It’s predicted that search engines won’t think like search engines anymore. Instead, they’ll start to think like a person would. Rather than focusing SEO on keyword lists, SEOs should start to think about the goals and motivation their audience has, and focus their content on that. They should understand the intent behind the search so they can deliver proper results.

2. Things Will Speed Up

More and more consumers are on-the-go when they’re completing a search. They want answers and they want them fast. Your site and your content have to be up to speed. It has to be available quickly, it has to be exactly what the user wants and it has to be easily accessible. This could also reduce the need for backlinks in 2019, though they still matter and should still be used appropriately.

3. Traditional Rankings Will Improve Voice Searches

Voice searches are always increasing, so if you have a traditional SEO plan in action, you’re actually in a good spot. Traditional rankings are important when it comes to voice searches because UX optimization, on-page SEO and an effective SEO strategy improve voice search results.

4. Google Will Get Some Competition

Although other “engines” are already out there, 2019 might be the year they make a bigger comeback. People are looking for information and products all over the place, not just on Google. They’re on various mobile apps, Apple, Amazon and more. You need to be where your customers are looking so it’s important you give Google some competition.

As you can see, SEO is alive and well and here to stay for 2019. Always remember things are speeding up and you need to keep up with it.