How to Convince Webmasters That Their Website Needs a Makeover

How to Convince Webmasters That Their Website Needs a Makeover

Statistics are pretty grim when it comes to ecommerce sites. Most are lucky just to acquire daily traffic past the single digit range. The reasons most websites do not perform well is because they are not optimized. For website redesign services, they need to use data and numbers to show prospective clients why their site needs a drastic makeover if they hope to gain any momentum or edge over their competitors.

The Need To Optimize Your Website

Most sites are not optimized for search. Even in this day and age, you’ll be surprised that a lot of site owners still are not familiar with the term “SEO.” The site owners that do know what search engine optimization is tend to only have a baseline understanding, and certainly not enough comprehension to implement keyword usage on their own in a way that can impact results. Online marketing agencies need to drill the importance of keyword optimization and why a website redesign can elevate a site’s status within the search engine. Also, SEO algorithms constantly change as well, so be sure to mention that and talk about how your agency is always up to date with the latest changes in order to “impress” the search engine spiders.

To be more convincing, use some sort of analytics tool to show clients where their site is on the search engine. Chances are that they are nowhere near the first page for niche-specific longtail keywords. Their site may not even be indexed at all. Use percentages and explain that 90% of online searchers never look beyond the first page. Furthermore, explain what your website redesign company can do to get their site noticed by the search engine algorithm. This includes implementing basic SEO principles like backlink creation and interlinking with other sites related to their industry.

Boosting traffic, of course, isn’t just about appeasing the search engines. Once a site begins acquiring traffic, the site has to have the “it” factor for the lack of a better term. An effective way to convince clients that a website redesign is necessary is by creating some form of official report outlining how a website should be presented in order to convert visitors into customers. This should make use of statistics and infographics. The report can include facts at a glance that site owners may not be aware of. The following are good examples of how these facts should be worded:

Did you know that eight out of ten first-time site visitors never explore beyond a website’s homepage?

Did you know that 90% of website visitors will only scan the site’s homepage for an average of eight seconds before deciding whether to explore the site any further?

Did you know that visitors are four times more likely to recommend your site to friends if the front page includes clickable social media icons?

Presenting the facts as questions is an effective way to get the clients thinking about any shortcomings their site may currently be facing. This is where you emphasize about your website redesign service and explain how factors, such as including a strong call-to-action, high quality images, videos, and other rich media can increase visitor retention rates. Mention that your agency includes certified graphic designers and professional copywriters that can make the necessary tweaks and modifications to get your site up to par with other established websites.

Another facet that some people may not be aware of is that websites require ongoing maintenance. It is for sure not one of those “set it and forget it” type of deals. Sites that are not updated will quickly drop in its search engine placement and may even become unindexed. Obviously, the maintenance requires a lot of work, time, and resource that could be better spent elsewhere. Mention that your website redesign service includes regular blog postings and other site modifications to keep the site in good standing. The last thing a business wants is for their company site to go stale.

Breaking down the cost barrier

The reason most site owners don’t enlist professional help is because of the cost. Most have a DIY attitude and would rather perform the work themselves in order to cut back on expenses. This is where you must emphasize the importance of having a service like yours working on their site. Let them know that the absence of third-party assistance will actually be more expensive in the long-term due to the loss of potential customers caused by a site that is poorly optimized. Talk about what they will gain out of it and how the results will quickly outweigh the expenses of third-party outsourcing.

At this point, outline what your full range of services includes. Offer them special offers if you think it will help bring them on board. This may include a discount for the first month or a trial period where clients can try out your service with no risk on their end. Ultimately, you are in the business of acquiring business for other businesses. This means you have to show to prospective clients how your website redesign company can turn their site around.

Company websites exist for one purpose only: to raise brand awareness. This is where your agency enters the picture. You have to take a proactive role and form a rapport with those whose sites may be struggling due to a lack of understanding regarding site optimization. Show prospect clients the positive results you yielded for past and present customers and that you can do the same for their site. Most important of all, emphasize that website redesign is akin to other services like plumbing or auto repair in the sense that the work should be left to a professional. Your website redesign service is the go-to professionals in this case.