How To Use Flat Web Design to Your Advantage

How To Use Flat Web Design to Your Advantage

While the world continues to embrace the latest and greatest in technological improvements and advancements, it seems that there has been a constant shift in the face of web design. Although there is nothing wrong with developing different schemes and themes to take the world by storm in terms of innovation, one has to remember that flat web design is where it’s at.

Less Is Better

There’s so much information available that it seems as if our brains are in danger of information overload. All of that information is not necessarily relevant or anything that we can use. Flat design is a great approach to use to remove clutter and useless information from the user experience. Create content and apps that make it easy for users to find and interpret the information they want and need. Apps with simplistic designs will hold your users’ attention far longer and prevent information overload.

Platform and Feature Considerations

One thing that all designers need to take into consideration is the platform. Even though you don’t have much control over which platforms users are using to access your apps and products, you can make it so that every user has an exceptional experience each and every time they use your apps. Simple or flat designs are much more universal and enjoyable because they place the emphasis on a simpler interface. As technology continues to advance, a simple interface is more responsive and intuitive because most features are enhanced by the platform of access.

Feel free to get creative and experiment to see what features and enhancements work best. Remember, you don’t need to have a ton of features if they don’t enhance your app’s functionality. Focus on designing your product so that users can enjoy using it without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Open up your color palette and use it. Colors help to improve your apps visual appeal without causing confusion. Don’t be afraid to use contrasts to improve the final product.

Compare different versions of your apps side by side, so you can see the differences and make any necessary improvements or modifications.

Font selection matters. Choose a font style and size that has a broad array of options. You don’t need to use them all, but the bigger font selection you have, the better.

App Development

There are thousands of apps available and overloading them with features is not the best way to set your apps apart from the rest. It is a common expectation that paid apps deliver more features and functions than free apps. However, most paid apps are so convoluted with features and visually stimulating designs, that many users find themselves inadvertently turned off from the lack of accessibility and ease of use. Make sure your apps are designed to provide the user with the information or services they expect in a simple way. That way your users will have no problem converting into paid users in the future because they see the value.

While the flat design approach isn’t suitable for every application, with the right approach and implementation, it can help to create the ultimate user experience for consumers in this highly digitized world.