Keeping Your Website Up to Date Is More Important Than You Might Think

  1. Build Trust
    Whether your sell products, services or both, accurate descriptions and images allow you to build trust with your current and potential customers and clients. Your reliability and attention to detail positions you as a trusted resource and business. If you provide an incorrect telephone number or image or fail to indicate that a product sold out, a customer’s negative experience can affect their trust in you.  See how Rhino Fat Tire Scooters builds trust on their website.
  2. Establish Authority
    Domain authority describes a website’s relevance for a certain subject area or industry. This relevance directly impacts its search engine ranking. No matter your subject area or industry, you can establish authority in the following ways: by tailoring your content to your target audiences, delivering it in various length formats such as tweets and blogs, and including the keywords that your audiences use in searches. With time, you’ll establish your domain authority.
  3. Increase Traffic
    Up-to-date content translates to trust and domain authority, which in turn translates to an increase in website traffic. Stay on top of communicating your story, products and services, and you can expect to boost your visibility and business. Describing new services and products as well as writing value-added posts and blogs that contain keywords and links, can give you traction in the online world. Many digital marketing specialists work with their clients on a content strategy and calendar to ensure that content stays fresh and compelling. While removing that discontinued product from your retail website may not be high on your priority list, these three reasons might convince you otherwise. No matter your subject area or industry, up-to-date content is critical to your business success.