Landing Page Optimization Services

Paid search is a low cost advertising platform that can be a huge source of leads, sales and new business. In a paid search campaign the landing page of the ad is often overlooked and can be hurting your bottom line. We put together a wireframe of an effective landing page to visualize how to implement these crucial elements.

Look and Feel:

The nature of the business behind the landing page plays a strong role in determining its color and design. For example, sleek and high-end gadget companies tend to rely on the color black in order to illustrate an image of luxury and sleekness, whereas the color green is often associated with financial and monetary businesses. For more information on colors and psychological association with colors, see Kissmetrics infographic on color association.


Headlines on landing pages that are too long and wordy can be off-putting to a potential viewer. Headlines should be compelling without boring the reader with an excessive word count. The key to proper execution is to be short and effective. Users like to see hard hitting stats and compelling information.


The description and words contained in the advertisement should complement the associated landing page in order to stay clear from confusing the online viewer. A user that clicks on the ad should already know the type of information they will see on the landing page; if not, the landing page is ineffective and the advertising dollars will not be spent properly.

Proper Grammar:

Making even one grammatical mistake can cause a potential visitor to stop in the midst of reading a landing page. Understanding the audience is key, the content needs to have the same voice and tone as the user reading it in order to relate to it.

Trust & Badges:

Trust indicators include certifications, testimonials, press mentions, and proper usage of grammar. These indicators are used to assure the viewer that the company behind the landing page is reliable and credible.

Call to Action:

The headline of the call to action needs to entice the reader to do something; otherwise, the viewer will be left feeling confused on what to course of action to take next. There is no need to contstantly worry about button colors and studies, efforts need to be focused elsewhere.

Related Visuals:

Images can be a great way to add additional information to text on a landing page, but make sure they are relevant and add to the viewer’s experience on the site. Users today read less and have no patience, visuals are a great way to get the point accross in an effective way.


Among the many landing pages on the internet, it is important to stand out. Key words need to be present in order to help the viewer make the appropriate call to action. It is important to have a professionally designed page and interaction where possible.