Link Acquisition Services

Inbound links are the most important element in the search algorithm. Over the years, there has been much controversy over link building, link schemes, and other unethical and unorthodox methods to increase your site’s rankings. Since April 2012, Google has set a precedent that they will not tolerate unethical link building through buying links or participating in link schemes and other methods to pass page rank to your site in exchange for money.

At Tide Interactive, we focus on content marketing efforts to acquire natural links. What does this mean really? This means that we find creative ways to present useful content that will be beneficial to customers, industry experts, and others to acquire links and to gain link equity on your site. We do this in many different ways, some of which are listed below. Our methods and practices are fully transparent and we encourage you to be educated on what we are doing so that you understand the value and have appropriate expectations on results.

  • Creative Blogging
  • Infographic Design & Distribution
  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • Social Media Distribution & Promotion
  • Media Relation Outreach

Link Acquisition Methodology

As mentioned above, our methods on acquiring links and traffic from these links and content is a manual process and completely ethical. We do not participate in link schemes, blog schemes, directories and other bad link methods. These methods are what can destroy your website’s rankings overnight. We are not concerned with algorithm changes because we focus on growing your business online and do not try and cheat or take short cuts to gain short term results.

With any content marketing, we have an outreach process to key publishers such as Forbes, Huffington Post and many other highly reputable sources that allow us to pitch content and have articles written about important subject matter and reference your company and your website with a link to your site as a reference. This process is not easy, but very effective. The value that is gained from these highly reputable websites have a huge impact on your rankings.

Quality vs. Quantity

Not all links are equal in value. Building a strong link profile that gives your website the ability to rank in the top positions is not about a large volume of links from mom blogs or link schemes. Your site is going to rank well with relevant content that references your website from highly trusted websites.

Google knows the surrounding content around the link and if it is not relevant, not as much value will be placed on that link. In addition to relevancy, high Domain Authority (DA) sites pass much more link equity to your website because of its value and trust that it has established. Once your website has an established link profile, it needs much higher DA links from reputable sources to continue to increase in competitive markets.

How Does It Help?

As mentioned above, your link profile is a huge factor in the search algorithm. The quality links that we pursue through content marketing and strategic media is the key differentiators between your site and your competitors that will allow your site to increase faster and higher than your competitors.