Manual Link Removal

Whether your website has had previous SEO work or is currently participating in SEO work, your site may receive an unnatural link warning through Google Webmaster tools. If you receive this or are made aware of this, do not jump to conclusions. Your current SEO company may be ethical and doing SEO the right way. Understand what has been done on the website and make decisions after evaluating the situation.

How to proceed in link removal.

When the time comes, we provide back link removal to eradicate these issues. Unnatural link notifications need to be taken seriously and can make your rankings drop significantly. If you currently do have an SEO provider, cease all “link building” or outbound efforts during this removal process.

Link removal overview:

Our link removal process is a manual process and takes 30 days to complete. This time frame is mostly due to communication and manually removing links. Depending on the severity of the unnatural links, this time frame could extend. In most cases SEO providers paid for links through a link network and we can discover the source of the links and removal a majority quickly.

Link removal process:

Step 1: Pull Link Reports

Our team begins with pulling several link reports to see what we are up against. In addition to a link profile from Google Webmaster Tools, we provide third party reports from sources like and

Step 2: Analyze link report

We review each back link and categorize them based on certain criteria that we find negative from sites that fall outside of Google’s guidelines. Sites that have a large volume of outbound links are alarming, but judgement needs to be made on each site. We look for low quality sites that are poorly designed, have low quality content and have many blog posts or other content unrelated to the site’s subject matter.

Step 3: Second check

Once a link report has been reviewed, a second individual checks against the original work to verify their judgement. Any conflicting categories or comments are discussed and determined.

Step 4: Removal Outreach

The removal team calls or emails each site that we deem as low quality to have the link removed. We record all of the information and comments from the site owners and they do not cooperate we note that in the disavow at the end of the process.

Step 5: Disavow Outstanding links

Once the manual link removal process has been completed and 70% of links have been manually removed, the team submits a disavow file to Google to indicate which remaining links need to be removed. We provide a text file that explains the communication and manual effort behind the link removal.