Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management in Phoenix, Arizona

Paid Search Is Not A Recommendation, But A Requirement Our paid search methodology focuses on one thing, cost per acquisition. We drive down cost per click and focus on intent driven phrases to bring the most qualified traffic to your site.

When you decide to invest in your business online, paid search will give you your most immediate ROI. When setting up your campaign you need to have goals and a clear understanding of what your coat per acquisition is an where you need that number to be.Without goals and measurements for success, investing in a paid search campaign will be not be as valuable and you will not be able to have educated discussions on how well the campaign is performing. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Google Paid Advertising
  • Bing Paid Advertising
  • Adroll Retargeting
  • Google Retargeting
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Display Advertising
How do you optimize a campaign?

In the initial setup, we provide a comprehensive competition analysis with many different strategies that we test against each other and modify according to performance. Our main focus while setting up the initial campaign is that we understand your demographic and target audience so that we can send the appropriate message through the ads and the landing pages that the ads send the user. In correlation with this, we focus on driving the cost per click of your ads down to maximize the campaign budget. The more targeting and qualified traffic your website receives, the more leads and business you will gain.

How do you measure a successful campaign?

We set goals within reason for the budget in advertising spend. We schedule monthly reviews with you to go over all data and focus areas of the campaign. The bottom line in any advertising campaign is, how much revenue have we generated and how much have we spent. We breakdown the numbers in a quantitative, proven way so that you can see where your dollars are going, which campaigns are performing the best and what your cost per acquisition and lead is. Whether we exceed, or fall short of these targeted numbers, we evaluate key areas with you to make improvements. We believe that no campaign is ever perfect, and there is always room to grow.