Leader’s Know When To Stand Behind Their Team.

Leader’s Know When To Stand Behind Their Team.

Stand Behind Your Staff

This blog post is not necessarily about SEO strategy, but rather how to stand behind your employees during tough times in a client relationship.

As a business owner your most valuable assets are your employees. Your employees are the blood flow of your business and as a business owner it is your responsibility to stand behind them during tough times.

At Tide Interactive, we have a team mentality that means we are only as strong as our weakest member. This mentality encourages our team to grow together and become a stronger unit.

All of that being said, people screw up… and clients screw up. When our employees are put in a tough spot, it is the responsibily of our leadership team to take responsibility and stand behind our team. We beleive that placing blame on individuals is not a good example for our employees, and we want them to grow and become leaders over time.

When we encounter an issue with a campaign (they happen, if anyone says they don’t – they are lying), we meet as a team and figure out a plan to recover and deliver results to improve the relationship. In many cases, we write off work to show our faults. If a client has an issue with an employee, we stand behind our employees and provide a resolution. Not only does this show the client that we beleive in the employee, it gives our employees confidence to do their job. It is a leaders job to provide the tools necessary for their employees to succeed.

At the end of the day, as a leader you want your employees and team to grow and learn from failures and not to feel defeated. Confidence is key to success, and with SEO, their is a lot of room for failure. We encourage our employees to learn and continue to grow with each misstep.