Top 5 Local Search Ranking Factors and What They Mean

Top 5 Local Search Ranking Factors and What They Mean

Business owners who are trying to expand their local reach might start to explore the realm of local SEO rankings. If you’re a member of this category, it’s much more beneficial for you to get started on the right foot from the beginning rather than go through a lengthy period of trial and error. Brush up on the top five local search engine factors and the meanings behind them.

  1. Domain Authority of Website

 The higher your business ranks in search engine results, the easier it is to find your site and your business. To improve your rankings, focus on your SEO strategy and creating links to your website. While it might take time before you start seeing results, bolstering the authority of your site is one of the best and least expensive ways to improve your overall reputation.


  1. Location in GMB Landing Page Title

The specific city and state you use on your site’s landing page also has a lot to do with your local SEO rankings. Some city and state combinations may be more popular than others, so find ways to learn how your target audience is searching for local businesses like yours. Depending on what you find, you might want to change up the location listed on your site to widen your reach.


  1. Overall Quality of Inbound Links

 Any links that lead to your site should be reputable and of the highest quality. Being associated with unsavory sites and organizations can give consumers the impression that your business is no better. Every now and then it’s a good idea to check how site visitors discovered you and if links match the image you want your business to have.


  1. Click-Through Rate from Search Engine Results 

While ranking high for local SEO is essential to your overall business, it won’t mean very much if people don’t bother to even click on your site. You can improve this by tweaking your keywords. Specifically, you’ll want a good mix of the most popular keywords and keyword phrases.


  1. Service/Product Keyword Relevance of Domain Content 

Ensure keywords that appear on your site are actually used in your industry. For instance, if you sell coffee cups, you probably don’t want to use coffee table as one of your keyword phrases. Go through the content on your site and make sure everything is in order.

Learn the method behind the occasional madness of local SEO rankings. Once you understand what it is you’re looking at, the haze can start to clear considerably and your business can become that much better.  For more information visit our Local SEO page here.