What Is Retargeting & Why Should I Do It?

What Is Retargeting & Why Should I Do It?

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns are the best way to get a second chance and a first impression. When running a retargeting campaign, when a user leaves your site they will begin to see display advertisements on other sites that they visit that participate in ad networks. This method is highly effective, and inexpensive.

Value Of Retargeting

The value of retargeting is that you can specify each ad type for the type of content that they viewed on your website, thus making it highly effective. For example, if they go to a t-shirt page on your e-commerce site and leave, they will begin being served that t-shirt in a display ad. This stimulates their activity and causes them to think about the potential purchase and you now have that second chance on the consumer.

Preferred Retargeting Platform

The vendor that we prefer to use for small to mid-size campaigns is Adroll. Adroll is a platform that allows us to manage the campaign and effectively serve ads based on the users behavior on your website. If you have a large e-commerce site and a significant marketing budget for online advertising, a more enterprise solution would be recommended. For information, contact us.