iOS Development

Jumping into the iOS application arena can help your business grow by improving ease of access to your services. To achieve positive results, you need a responsive and interactive tool that is fast and runs smoothly on the limited power of an iPhone or iPad. Integrated Solutions offers our customers iOS development services that power business growth.

iOS Development
We Customize Your App To Meet Your Goals

Every business is unique. You need an app designed with your customers and services in mind. We take time to get to know you and what you want from your iOS applications. To develop a functional app, we also need to understand who your customers are and why they may want to access services through an iPhone app. Once we’ve gathered this foundational information, we get to work on iOS development customized to meet your business and customer needs.

Apple App Development
We Work With You Every Step of the Way

From brainstorming ideas to scaling the final product, your team is here to help you succeed. Integrated Solutions understands the risks and pitfalls involved in business technologies. We use a process and strategies that ensure you get an app that is useful, intuitive and responsive for your users across devices.


In the first phase, we take your app ideas and brainstorm how we can put them into action. We conduct research on the market and competing apps to determine what already exists, what works and what is still needed. We use this information to design potential wireframes for an application that stands out from the crowd.


After we’ve done the preliminary work, your team begins to develop a prototype. With this model, we can test the app’s interface for functionality, speed and responsiveness, tweaking it to address any issues we discover. Once we’re all satisfied, we use the prototype to develop a fully functioning and executable app that has all the bells and whistles your customers want and need.


Integrated Solutions helps you launch your new app to test it in real-world conditions. We recommend using a minimum viable product during this phase to lower your costs and risks. Once you’ve marketed your product and received feedback on it, you can determine how to proceed.

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