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To grow your business you need reliable hardware and software for your small business. We provide IT services for small businesses that solve problems and improve efficiencies for your employees. We take care of the technology problems so you can work on growing your business.

IT Services

Small Business IT Services

Same Day, onsite or remote, reliable and cost effective IT solutions

Our personalized support approach is designed with the customer in mind. Not every business needs IT support on a regular basis and some businesses prefer NOT to sign contracts. We offer this flexibility through our “As Needed Support”. Call us when a need arises and one of our System Admins will assist you.

IT Services Windows 10
Server & Desktop Management

Proactive server and workstation support ensure that your systems experience maximum uptime. Our Server and Desktop Management solution is composed of three main support components that are administered remotely to optimize uptime and minimize inconvenience to your organization.

Server & Hardware Virtualization Support

Moving your servers to a virtualized environment allows you to reduce hardware costs, increase the flexibility of your systems and provide additional data security options. You'll often get more performance out of your currentserver hardware than you realized was possible. You can reduce the number of servers you have in production, which will save on upgrade and energy costs. All Covered can quickly tell you the potential savings you could get from virtualizing your servers and can perform the transition work for you. This could also help your move towards cloud computing.

Remote Computer & Network Monitoring

We can install specialized software on your network which will automatically notify us of security risks and network failures. If you want us to know what is wrong before you even know we can make that happen. Alternatively if you have a problem a simple call is all you need to be back online a simple remote access session can often bring your system back online in moments.

IT Services Windows
Computer Repair

From email trouble to complete system restoration, we are your one-stop shop for computer repair. Why wait weeks or longer for your computer to get fixed? We offer same-day, on-site computer repair for any computer need!.

Software and Hardware Upgrades

Want to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11? Running out of hard drive space? Need a better video card to play that new video game? We are your resource for the purchase and installation of quality, name-brand computer programs and parts.

Data Recovery

At Integrated IT Solutions, we know how important your data is to you. Whether you have mistakenly deleted an important document, or your hard drive has failed, we will assist you in getting your data back. From hard drives to flash drives, we can recover data from almost any media devise. We will utilize multiple recovery options, ranging from software utilities for corrupted operating systems and virus/spyware attacks, to determine which recovery option is right for your situation.

IT Services Networking
Virus & Spyware Removal

Has your computer been plagued with viruses or spyware? Are you getting pop-ups while surfing the net? Does your internet browser take you to web pages you don’t know? Integrated IT Solutions will use the most up-to-date antivirus and anti-spyware utilities. We will scan your system, identify problems, and remove them from your computer. We will also help you choose the best protection for your system based on your individual needs, and offer suggestions to minimize the risks while online. From home users to business networks, Integrated IT Solutions can help keep your systems safe and secure.


Integrated IT Solutions is your network specialist. Whether you have 2 computers or 200, we will help you select the best network solution. Whether wired or wireless, we can develop a strategic implementation plan to minimize costly downtime.

Remote Support

Integrated IT Solutions is now offering remote support. Need service right away? Have a virus or spyware problem? Having trouble with your email? Can’t get a new printer installed? Then remote support may be just what you need! Integrated IT Solutions is ready to help you.

IT Services Windows 7
Windows 11

Want to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11? Integrated IT Solutions is your Windows 11 professional! We can help you determine if making the move to Windows 11 is right for you.

Service Agreements

Integrated IT Solutions has been the trusted professional for small to medium sized business owners and professionals. From scheduled periodic maintenance to as-needed support. Our Service Agreements are devised with considerable discounts already built-in to save you money, no matter which plan you choose.

Data Backup

Integrated IT Solutions offers a wide range of data back-up options. From external hard drives and network storage devices to secure, off-site data replication, Integrated IT Solutions has the answers. Ensuring the safety and security of your data is our top priority. We can help you choose the medium that best suits your needs, and the most cost-effective strategy for your short- and long-term storage needs.

Web Design
Hardware Repair

With our fast turnaround and efficient work, we get your employees back to work, faster.

Application Design

We help your business determine the best network solution for your current circumstances and future growth.

Print Design

Your security is more important today than ever before, we ensure you are protected against cyber threats.

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