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Our proven SEO strategies deliver results through several key elements. We create an on-page SEO structure that is technically sound, acquire links from well-trusted and highly-trafficed websites, and produce creative, digital assets and content. Simply put, our SEO works.

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We deliver SEO results that matter, increased traffic and sales. Learn about how our SEO services can transform your business today and get your free SEO consultation.

The Importance Of SEO

SEO is more important than ever. 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results in search results.

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In today's Online world, it is vital that your website generates relevant traffic through Google. We implement many different strategies that drastically improve your website rankings for keywords that matter and drive traffic. At the end of the day, what matters are the leads and closed business and thats the goal we have with our clients. More traffic is only good when it leads to more business.

Prior to initial SEO audits or work, we require a meeting with our clients that covers the goals of the campaign and future growth of the business. We understand that everyone wants to rank #1 for a phrase that will drive a lot of traffic, but in some cases that may not be feasible in a shorter period of time. We create realistic expectations for our clients, while providing excellent services that will deliver results and drive qualified traffic to your website.


SEO is the top driver of traffic to website, beating social by over 300%.


A properly optimized page is the fastest and most cost-effective improvement for SEO.


We deliver high domain authority and trust flow links through content marketing strategies that work.

Link Building

Link acquisition is the act of acquiring links. At Integrated IT Solutions, our approach and philosophy is completely transparent. We offer link acquisition services that build out your websites link profile and drive relevant traffic. Each industry is different and requires a custom strategy to get the most value out of the services that we provide.


Has your site been affected by unnatural links and bad link building tactics?

Link Removal

Whether your website has had previous SEO work or is currently participating in SEO work, your site may receive an unnatural link warning through Google Webmaster tools. If you receive this or are made aware of this, do not jump to conclusions. Your current SEO company may be ethical and doing SEO the right way. Understand what has been done on the website and make decisions after evaluating the situation.

When the time comes, we provide back link removal to eradicate these issues. Unnatural link notifications need to be taken seriously and can make your rankings drop significantly. If you currently do have an SEO provider, cease all “link building” or outbound efforts during this removal process. Our link removal process is a manual process and takes 30 days to complete. This time frame is mostly due to communication and manually removing links. Depending on the severity of the unnatural links, this time frame could extend. In most cases SEO providers paid for links through a link network and we can discover the source of the links and removal a majority quickly.


We help drive your in-house team with an effective and efficient SEO strategy

SEO Consulting

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your marketing team needs to understand the core of SEO in order to properly optimize their content and capitalize on their outreach efforts. For consulting, our team participates in a discovery period with your business. We take the time to understand what current marketing efforts are taking place so that we can put together the most appropriate plan based on personal and skill-sets.

Discovery: As mentioned above, we take the time to participate in a discovery period with your business. We get to know the business objectives, personnel and many other nuances about your business. This is imperative for putting together a plan for the marketing team. We never want to come into an environment without any knowledge of what is currently being done and start throwing around recommendations without proper analysis.

Education: A more educated client, the healthier the relationship. As SEO consultants, it is our job to educate our clients on best practices and our methodology. We hold no trade secrets and never hold anything back from clients. We train our clients on fundamental SEO, content marketing and paid search management.

Proceed Plan: We put together a proceed plan based on the discovery phase. This plan is compiled based on an audit in the discovery, current efforts and new efforts that will not only drive traffic, but increase rankings. This plan allows our clients to have a guide and have assistance while implementing these efforts while not having to rely on our SEO team to implement all tasks and utilize their internal staff.

Management & Assistance: With the new skill-set that your marketing team has learned, they can begin to implement their new strategy in addition to their current efforts. We will manage the team and make sure that the business gets the most value out of the plan. We also dedicate time for assistance and tasks that the team may be too busy for, or not feel confident in just yet.

Why Do You Need SEO For Your Website?

1. To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

SEO helps your site reach the top of a search results page. The difference in the number of clicks between the first search result and the second one is astounding.

Statistics say that the first site of any given results page gets an average of 20.5% clicks. While the second result gets 13.22% clicks, the third one gets 13.14% clicks. The better you optimize your site for search engines, the more leads your company is going to get, organically. .

2. Measurable Performance

With SEO, you can assess every aspect of your campaign results.

In traditional methods, one has to look for the correlations between the marketing campaigns and the purchases to find the Return of Investment (ROI), Whereas, in SEO, it is a lot easier to see the ROI.

A tool like Google Analytics comes in handy to monitor metrics such as traffic, conversions and referral sources.

3. SEO Helps Build Your Brand

Creating a brand requires two things -- The content you create and what people say about your content. SEO helps you deliver the content to the right audience and earn links that connect other websites to your content.

Firstly, you need to create content that caters to the needs of your audience. Blogs, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and infographics are a few ideas wherein one can effectively deploy SEO.

4. Free Traffic, Forever

Though SEO costs money, it is a lot cheaper compared to advertising campaigns. One must remember that investing in SEO is not a marketing cost, but a business investment.

The rewards for good SEO are recurring and will last for years if not decades. When it comes to traditional ad campaigns, the moment an advertiser stops pumping in money, the ad(s) will be removed from the top spots of the listings. However, the results of a good SEO last long.

5. For Local Audience

If your audience is from a handful of cities and towns, local SEO is one of the best strategies to work on. Local SEO is highly recommended for small, micro and medium-sized businesses.

A car accident victim from Phoenix is most likely to search for ‘car accident lawyer in Phoenix’. That is where local SEO comes into play.

As an SEO expert, we will add the right keywords and keyword phrases to your site content to attract the searchers.

6. To Find The Right Audience

SEO is a strategy to connect those who search for specific information to your site if it provides the sought information.

A study says 62% of consumers go to search engines to find more information about a particular product/service. Likewise, 42% of them use search engines when they are ready to buy a product/service. It is another reason why SEO is vital for your site.

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7. To Find The Right Audience

SEO is a strategy to connect those who search for specific information to your site if it provides the sought information.

A study says 62% of consumers go to search engines to find more information about a particular product/service. Likewise, 42% of them use search engines when they are ready to buy a product/service. It is another reason why SEO is vital for your site.

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Why We Are The Best In Doing SEO in Scottsdale?

1. Building Backlinks

Perhaps one of the main ranking factors is backlinks. Backlinks are links that connect one website to another. It is crucial in SEO. However, not all backlinks reward a website with traffic.

You need quality links to drive traffic to your site. At Integrated IT Solutions, we have teams dedicated to building links with relevant, high-quality websites.

2. Technical SEO

Many give a miss to technical SEO. But we do not commit that mistake. Your website’s back-end optimization is as important as content optimization.

Improving page speed, eliminating duplicate versions of your site, using SEO-friendly URL structure, finding crawl errors, mending broken links and adding structured data are some of the practices we follow.

3. Local SEO

We have helped a good number of local businesses to find success by effectively implementing local SEO. This strategy works best for local businesses as more than 60% of customers search for local businesses online. Such customers are most likely to use location-based keywords to find a product/service.

At Integrated IT Solutions, we know what kind of long-tail keywords and location-based keywords to use to attract those local prospects.

4. On and Off-page SEO

With us, your on and off-page SEO will be on point. We create fresh and value-enriched content for your site. As a part of on-page SEO, we optimize headlines, HTML tags and use high-quality, optimized images.

Our off-page SEO strategies include building quality links, getting high ratings, influencer marketing. We will increase your online exposure and create brand credibility using our off-page SEO.

5. Customized Strategies

For each client, we come up with new strategies. We will take time to learn about your business, goals, potential roadblocks, before beginning the project.

Our strategies are flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. It is solely to achieve the results desired by you.

6. Experience and Integrity

We are proud to say that many businesses have tasted success after partnering with us for SEO & Web design in Scottsdale, AZ. The plans our experienced experts bring to the table translate into success, every single time.

We are also transparent with our pricing. No hidden charges, no last-minute surprises. The only surprise we want to give you is your stunning website.

Types Of SEO Services We Offer

Local SEO

To make your local presence stand out, we will list your company in all of the major directories of your field. Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare are some of those directories.

The listings on those directories will often include a synopsis of your company, reviews and contact info. We will also create a Google My Business Listing for your company and add photos, videos, directions, and get it verified. There are many such strategies on the cards.

Startup SEO

Startups usually have a shoestring budget. Hence, our startup SEO is curated to suit their needs. For startups, we spend more time on devising the SEO strategies. This is to find which areas we, as a company, can cut costs. If a startup’s primary aim is to create brand awareness and venture capitalists, we will align our SEO goals with their ones.

Small Business SEO

Small business SEO and Local SEO often go hand in hand. The reason is that small businesses often attract local prospects. Since you have a limited audience, you have to have the edge over your competitors.

We can easily achieve this. We enrich your site with local keywords, location-based keywords, separate service pages for separate locations.

Enterprise SEO

As an enterprise, you have to give a good user experience. The way to achieve this is by creating quality content that answers your customers’ questions.

We do enterprise SEO by creating content that is highly relevant for your audience and provides solutions to their burning problems. We also cross-promote them for a better reach.

When we address their queries, chances of them becoming your loyal customers are high. Featured Snippet Optimization, Structured Data are some of the other strategies we use for enterprise SEO.

WordPress SEO

We use SEO-friendly URLs and permalink structures to make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd. It is crucial to know which plugin to pick for your WordPress SEO.

Given the fact that WordPress Marketplace has a sea of SEO plugins, it is indeed a tough task. Worry not; we know which plugin to use to supercharge your WordPress SEO.

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