Work From Home IT Support

Remote working brings many challenges to both businesses and their employees, our remote IT support services ensure your business is supported no matter the location of your workforce.

Work From Home IT Support

IT Support while you work from home

While your staff work from home, their dependence on technology will increase. They will be heavily reliant on technology not just for performing their work but also for digital collaboration. In addition, your cybersecurity will also need be at a heightened level because cyber criminals are always on the lookout to exploit such situations.

In addition to the usual helpdesk support, remote workers also need some special IT support. Here are a few examples:

  • VPN Connection
  • Cybersecurity- phishing and malware protection
  • Video Conferencing, Virtual Meetings
  • Team Communication Tools
  • Remote Access Tools
  • Mobile Device Management

Working from home can be challenging but we can help you overcome the challenges- technological as well as others. We have many years of WFH experience and are happy to share the best practices and tips for working from home that we have been using.

IT Services Pricing

We understand that the IT support needs of your company can fluctuate. This is especially true when your staff are working from home. So, we offer you ongoing IT support services with a simple tiered pricing plan - the more you use our service, the better rates you get. You can scale up or down your usage as much as required without worrying about the IT services cost.

How can Integrated IT Solutions help you while you work from home?

We are fully staffed and standing by to assist you with any and every IT issue. We are just a call or email away for any remote helpdesk support.

Instead of onsite visits, we can dedicate fixed slots of time to focus solely on your company’s needs. During such periods we can offer remote support as well as demos and video consultation sessions for your team. We understand the importance of the speed of communication, so we are available not just via email but also on Slack.

How Integrated IT Solutions can help you work from home better:

  • No Sick or Vacation Time Offs
    We are never sick or on vacation. Since you have access to an entire team, there will always be someone available to help you.

  • Reduced Cost of Operations
    Outsourcing your IT operations to Integrated IT Solutions lets you budget effectively by reducing human resources and administration costs. In addition, you are not tied down to lengthy contracts or per device costs. Based on your usage, you will be automatically moved to the pricing tier that’s most suitable for you.

  • Competitive Edge
    Integrated IT enables small businesses to act “big” by providing them with the same level of IT expertise and technology support that larger companies enjoy. Small business owners on their own can never match the in-house IT support that large companies can afford to maintain. The cost of maintaining an IT department staffed with specialists in IT Security, Network and WiFi, Hardware, Software deployment, Inventory Management, and all other requirements of modern businesses is unimaginable for small businesses. Therefore, we give you the competitive edge over other small businesses.

  • Cybersecurity and Compliance
    While your staff work from home, they are exposed to a wider range of cyber threats. By outsourcing your IT security to Integrated IT Solutions, you can rest assured that your IT security risks are minimized. Further, as the IT security experts, it is our job to stay informed and therefore we are able to recommend how best to avoid risk and ensure compliance while your entire business is run remotely.

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