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It's time to start selling more product through your online store. Our Eommerce SEO creates a website structure that gets your products to rank and bring in more revenue.

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Learn how your ecommerce website can get increased organic traffic and increases sales online.

Ecommerce SEO is a unique niche in SEO. We have learned over the years that Ecommerce websites need to be treated differently than informational or service based websites. Ecommerce sites we have worked on have skyrocketed in rankings after properly optimizing the product category and product detail pages. Ecommerce sites are often ignored as it pertains to SEO and site owners are missing out on quality, potential traffic.

Ecommerce SEO
On Page Ecommerce SEO

It all starts with the products. Most Ecommerce platforms such as Opencart, Magento and many others are excellent frameworks for ecommerce, however its up to the site owner to optimize these product pages and enable a lot of these SEO friendly features. We optimize each product page for intent driven keywords that will drive the most qualified traffic based on the consumer’s mentality. We don’t always focus our energy on those glamorous broad phrases, but focus on a product level that will drive the best traffic.

Content Marketing

It is crucial to provide quality content about your products to the consumer. Video tutorials, how to blogs and other visual assets are how we create content that not only will help in search, but prove valuable to your customers. Content marketing will also assist in acquiring natural links from other websites.

Product Reviews & Outreach

Links are still a huge ranking factor and to ensure that your product ranks, the website needs to have page-level link authority. This means that the site needs other websites to link to it. One tremendous way of acquiring these links is to have other blogs and sites review your product. This may sound difficult, but sending the product to a niche blog asking for a review is great marketing as well as great for SEO.

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