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It's time to start getting more business. Our local SEO strategy is surpassed by none with a driving factor of bringing business to your doors. The local search ecosystem is evolving, and so should you.

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Local SEO in Phoenix, Arizona

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We focus on local search to drive local traffic to your website for your service or place of business. Local SEO can transform your business within a shorter period of time and drive significant traffic.

Why IS Local Is Important?

88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

Local SEO Services

If you have you a small business, restaurant, law firm or any business that is catered to a local audience, your site needs to be optimized for local phrases that are going to drive qualified traffic to your website. Like all SEO, it starts with your website. At Integrated IT Solutions, we go through a robust local SEO audit that determines the keyword phrases that your site needs to rank for as well as structural changes to the website.

Our Local SEO Strategy

43% of searches conducted by users have a local search term.

Local SEO Services
It's All About Local

Local SEO is so valuable to many small businesses and is often implemented improperly. National campaigns and local campaigns have to have completely different strategies. At Integrated IT Solutions, our strategy incorporates content marketing, business citations, places optimization and link acquisition. These services provide a well-balanced approach that will increase rankings for those specific phrases that your site so desperately needs to rank for. As all SEO plans that we provide, our specific strategy for your business depends on the competitive nature of the keyword phrases.

Citation Building

Over 2.6 billion local searches are performed monthly and that number grows more than 50% each year

Local SEO Citations
Business Citations

As you may know, inbound links to your website from qualified sources will help increase your rankings and is vital to any SEO campaign. With local SEO, citations are also crucial to your rankings. Business citations are references to your business name along with your address phone number and your website. These citations do not have to provide a link to get the value. Search engines can tell how many citations you have and that will help you with your local search and help your business show up for searches near that locale.

Google My Business optimization

SEO leads have a 15% close rate, on par with the close rate for direct traffic, and ahead of referrals (9%), paid search (7%)

Google My Business Optimization
Increase Visibility with Google My Business Optimization

Google Places is one of the more effective ways to get your business and website in front of local search users. It is important to have your Google Places listing set up and fully completed. Not only does this information assists in your rankings, many other websites use this data to implement the content on their business listings. At Integrated IT Solutions, we maintain these pages and update them based on new images, descriptions and reviews. These reviews play a part in your rankings as well as your reputation and converting that lead into new business. Google places is also becoming more valuable with mobile search. With mobile users on the go, it is important for Google to provide relevant results based on the users location.

Local Search Markup

Pages with Schema.org markup rank on average 4 positions higher in search results

Schema.org HTML Markup
Rich Snippets & Schema Markup for Local SEO

Schema.org in an HTML markup that tells search engines through meta data specific information about your business that is unique and present it in search results. By adding geographic markup, it allows Google to have more insights about your business and its location, therefore giving your website an upper hand for local phrases. Adding reviews and testimonials through this markup will also be beneficial and SERPS and help increase your organic rankings.

Link building for local SEO

Clear vision that makes your customers engage in a simple and elegant user experience

At Integrated IT Solutions, our approach and philosophy is completely transparent. We offer local link acquisition services that build out your websites link profile and drive relevant traffic. Each industry is different and requires a custom strategy to get the most value out of the services that we provide. With local SEO, the relevance and the location of the referring website is crucial to increasing rankings for those keyword phrases. Below are the most common methods of how we acquire links for your website through content marketing.

Local SEO link building
Guest Blogging

Guest blogging should never be 100% of your link acquisition strategy, however it is a great method to acquire quality links from relevant sites that will drive traffic to your site. Guest blogging, if done properly, can increase your brand awareness and gain more exposure. To understand our guest blogging methodology.

Scalable Link Building

Scalable link building is a method of link building that requires a well executed plan to reach a larger audience and provide content, tools, widgets or resources that businesses and individuals will link to or embed on their website. These efforts require a lot of effort, but can have the greatest reward for your rankings as well as new business.

Infographics & Creative Media

Infographics and creative media are a great way to provide content that can often be overlooked and present it in a way that is creative and useful to the reader. These infographics can be shared, linked to and embedded on other websites that will provide links to your website.

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